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Laser Group

Laser Group

ul. Gen J.Bema 22, 44-280 Rydułtowy
tel. 609 726 635, fax. +48 32 457 80 57, lasergroup@lasergroup.pl

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We always aspire to the best:

  • client-oriented, delivering the best products and services in a cost-effective way

  • constantly improving, learning, innovating our technologies

We always work in the best way:

  • we provide our clients a broad, complete and high-quality range of products and services

  • we act in the best interest of our customers, not only once in a while, but constantly

Professionelle Tätigkeiten

  • we exceed expectations of the customers and work to improve our business relationship

  • we offer help, positive attitude and flexiblility in terms of individual orders

  • we treat our customers in a way we would like to be treated ourselves